About Us
Meet the Owner
Charlene Harrison - Owner/Creator

I was tired of working and going into retail stores and seeing the same unoriginal products over and over again. I didn't want to wear the same things everyone else was and fit a "cookie cutter" mall fashion mold. I was looking to express myself as an individual and wanted to buy my friends one of kind gifts that fit within their music inspired lifestyles. I grew up going to craft fairs, swap meets, garage sales, and attended basement concerts. I was hooked with the D.I.Y. lifestyle.

Every year around the holidays, I was finding it difficult to find the "right" gifts for my punk rock, rockabilly and roller derby friends on a budget, which we all have experienced. I decided to start making the gifts, which they loved every year. Who wouldn't want a "Day Of The Dead" pocket calendar with matching checkbook? Or a roller skate necklace? How cool would it be to see their child in a rubber ducky zombie bib? So with the aggravation of not finding what I was looking Sweet Tempered was born in 2010. I love creating and making crafts with my hands, as well as designing one-of-a-kind products you can show off!

I am an avid supporter of Do-It-Yourself businesses, and support local shops and companies that are one-of-a-kind. My dream is coming true, as I am creating and making products that breaks the cookie cutter mold to suite the Sweet Tempered gal. So get shopping and start being an individual and make a statement with your one of kind accessories.